Share your world – 28th January 2020

Sorry, there was no Monday Musings post yesterday, we had a long weekend, and quite frankly I was feeling a bit lazy ๐Ÿ™‚ We celebrated Australia Day here over the weekend. Although celebrate is an innoxious word. It seems to be a white Australian in this day and age is a huge insult. There is so much PC bullshit going on it’s ridiculous. I could go into a total rant why I feel like I am now a minority and the minorities are now in the majority…but it will just get messy and I am over it. So let’s get onto Melanie’s SYW

What age would you like to live to?ย It’s not so much an age as to what I am physically and mentally capable of. If I am 100 and can still be pretty with it and spry sure I am up for it, but if I am 70 and have lost all physical abilities or I am totally ‘not there’ mentally I don’t want to know about it (I guess I wouldn’t in THAT case) I really don’t want to burden my family with all THAT. I want quality of life NOT quantity!

What mystery do you wish you knew the answer to?ย Mmmm who really killed JFK? What IS the Bermuda Triangle all about? What happened to Atlantis? Is there intelligent life ‘out there’? Are we alone in the universe? What happens to all the odd socks? There are so many questions that go unanswered… it’s possible they may never be solved?

Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?ย Inevitably yes I believe it does. I mean how could it not? Would you not be tempted to do something, if there were no consequences? You may say no, but having absolute power does that to people, it’s in our nature. Look at just about every politician who has ever lived, they may have started with good intentions, but usually end it doing something dumb, even if it is trivial like have an affair, a child out of wedlock or pass a stupid law. Then there are the true evil bastards that make it hard for honest people.

What outdoor activity havenโ€™t you tried, but would like to?ย ย I don’t think there is anything. If there was an outdoor activity I have not done, it’s probably as I do NOT want to do it. To be honest, I am not really an outdoorsy person, I will hike (well slowly shuffle I am not very active), to get someone for a nice photo. Yes, we love to travel, but honestly even that is becoming somewhat difficult, as I cannot walk far.ย  But I will not go up in a hot air balloon, nor try parachuting or hang gliding. I will not try snow-skiing nor boarding, I honestly cannot think of anything I am inclined to say…wow I’d love to try that.

GRATITUDE SECTIONย Sitting here after a four day weekend, at my part-time job, it is hard to feel grateful for everything I have, even though I know I should. Friday was a wonderful day on my own in the studio just pottering and getting back to basics…loved it. Saturday we spent the day with my fav Aunt and her family, good times and SO many laughs. Sunday I saw my parents, Monday Hubby and I slept in and then went and bought new lenses, then spent the afternoon on the couch watching movies and being lazy…I mean shouldn’t I be grateful for all that? I am…but going back to a part-time job I really do not enjoy makes it feel not enough. I know that sounds selfish, there are people out there who would love my boring meaningless job – just not me. One day, I will leave…one day.

Julie Powell_Stills-1

I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful week…

~ Julz, xo