Monday’s Musings…

Yesterday was my first official day with the studio open for workshops for 2020. Like they say go big or go home? We had two models with two costume changes each, plus an outdoor shoot, so essentially 5 mini shoots in one afternoon workshop. It was organised chaos and very hectic, but loads of fun.

I managed to get off a few shots, and will post them when I get around to editing them this week.

We had such horrid humid weather last week, I really didn’t feel like doing much. On Friday I went to the movies and lunch with a friend, we saw Little Woman, we both quite enjoyed it…a little slow in the middle, but the costumes and such were wonderful. It was a great way to keep out of the 40+C heat too. We then had a lovely cool swim in the pool, before the storms hit…and hit they did.

Saturday pretty much rained all day, still hot and then add the humidity. We don’t normally have high humidity here in Melbourne, so I tend to suffer. Suffer or not, I had to get everything ready for the workshop on Sunday, steam costumes and backdrops, pack and make sure batteries and such were charged. Trying to fit it all in the car was pretty funny. This was my first workshop in our ‘new’ studio space in inner Melbourne.

This week, I have another shoot Friday night…this time at the beach should be fun. Then a weekend off, I am sure I will get up to some mischief!

Not much else to say…I hope the weather is not too bad this week, a few cooler days would be nice. I hope you have an amazing week…

~ Julz