In the studio – Ice Princess

I recently ran a huge workshop for Creative Fantasy Portraits, we went all out, I need to offer something different to what is currently on offer. Being Summer there has been some bikini portrait and sports attire shoots (not my thing) and some nudes (yes I shoot nudes, but I prefer a more artistic approach). I have access to some pretty incredible costumes and now working with designer Bec from Verdessy Fairy, I can bring the most amazing headpieces to complete some pretty fabulous outfits. So far, people have been loving them. This first one is the Ice Princess or Ice Queen…I actually shot the same model (Alexia) in the same outfit a few months ago…on a white background, this time against two different backdrounds…I adore the soft grey and blue one the most.


Alexia Frost

Alexia is new to ‘the stable’ of models, but you will see her again, we have been working up some ideas for new shoots.

~ Julz