Monday’s Musings…

This month is going to be crazy, so much on and next month won’t be much better. Friday Night saw us down at Half Moon Bay Life Saving Club in Mentone (Melbourne), with a couple of mermaids and about 30 photographers. The smoke haze was back (Yep, those fires are still burning away, just mostly controlled now) so no Sunset for our ocean mermaid shoot. But there was a beautiful diffused light.

Our models Jess and Jess (played Morticia in my Addams Family shoot a few years ago), fabulous mermaid attire and wonderful makeup (My Jess did her own – awesome job too). We split into two groups and kept swapping models and positions for about two hours and then shot them both together in the water.

I have been having so much fun creating some digital art, I still have not edited all the images. But will post some pics soon.

Jess the Mermaid

Saturday I spent preparing a synopsis for a new class I am teaching next term in a community house, it’s a five-week program for Beginners Lightroom, that will be exciting and nerve-racking lol. Meanwhile Hubby went into the city with some friends and their camera for some street Photography…really not my thing, so I elected to stay home and work.  Saturday night I finally saw Captain Marvel on Disney….it was OK but I prefer a few other Marvel movies more. It seemed a bit out of touch with the Marvel Universe…or maybe it’s just me?

Sunday was just catch up around the house after a sleep in, I should probably have been doing some more housework but a basic once over was enough 🙂 …I find I have better things to do than housework!

Friday is St Valentine’s Day, if you are into that sort of thing. Hubby and I do NOT make a big day of it, but sometimes we might get each other something small, like flowers or chocolates or cupcakes! But we don’t make a big deal of it.

JuliePowell_Love is-1
St Valentine’s Day

Whatever you are up to this week, I hope it is a good one…

~ Julz,

P.S. If you see someone who has last their smile…give them one of yours!