Out of the studio – Siren’s Song

Now, how cool is this? I went to a Mermaid Shoot at Half Moon Bay Surf Living Saving Club (boy that is a mouthful!) with about 30 other photographers to shoot some mermaids. Our Mermaids, that afternoon were both named Jess and Jess! We were supposed to be in two different groups, but I stepped to the side (got my feet very wet) and snapped this shot of both girls on the rocks! Jess in the foreground is even holding a starfish she just scooped up of the rock.

A little bit of photoshop magic and voila! Two mermaids resting on the rocks at sunset. Not you everyday photoshoot that’s for sure.

JuliePowell_Sirens Song-1
Siren’s Song

I will share some images soon and a couple of other pieces of Photoshop magic. But if you want a sneak peek, check out this from my YouTube channel…

~ Julz