Monday Musings…

Talk about an exhausting but sensational weekend. We had a shoot Thursday Night, I had a shoot Friday, I ran a workshop on Saturday, had a huge group shoot on Sunday, now to play catch up with all the editing 🙂


In between all that was trips to the vet for checkups, food shopping, housework and trying to recover lol. I also found out after having some more scans done, it’s not just bursitis in my shoulder causing pain, I actually have a tear in the tendon…:-(

Such a pain (literally) I now need to see a specialist, hopefully, no surgery, just rest and physio. I must admit, now I know it’s there, I have been more careful and it is not causing as much pain, as I am being very careful with it.

Lilydale Lake

This week won’t be quite so crazy, but still, lots to keep me occupied…if nothing else…all the editing.

Whatever you are up to this week, I hope you have an amazing week…

~ Julz