Digital Art – Jewels from the Deep

I have been featuring some recent artwork from a Mermaid beach shoot, but this is probably my favourite. The actual water was shot in a pool in Bali back in 2017. I had fun use the Puppet Warp feature in Photoshop, as Jess was actually kneeling in the sand…she didn’t really look like she was swimming much. I guess looking at it again now I perhaps should have had her hair trailing behind as well. Perhaps she was swimming and came along this clamshell (bottom right) and stopped to consider collecting another jewel!

JuliePowell_Jewells from the deep-1
Jewels from the Deep

Still, a little Photoshop magic and a painterly finish and I have my mermaid in the deep, such a lovely calm image, but I am thinking of going back and adding a few other things, some fish and seaweed? as well as some movement to her hair, maybe one day!

~ Julz

P.S. I promise I will share some of the photos next.