Share your world – 18th Feb 2020

I’m still buzzing from a totally awesome weekend full of fun exciting stuff and adventures. To be honest I am finding it a little hard to sit still and concentrate. Do you ever get all jittery like that? Perhaps over stimulated? Maybe its the introvert in me, telling me it’s time to tuck myself away and have some quiet time? Anyway here we are with today’s SYW Questions


How can someone win a gold star (i.e. win your approval and/or admiration) with you? By working hard and honestly, trying their best. Some days just turning up is an achievement for some people. I award their victories, I award their imagination and creativity. I also award bravery and loyalty.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time? Oh My…I wish. Don’t get me wrong I love sleep, I just seem to spend so much time trying to fall asleep! If I didn’t need sleep I would have more time to write, to read, to create, to edit. Maybe even cook more, or heaven forbid time to exercise, nah who am I kidding I am never THAT bored lol. But extra time to create would be wonderful.

Do you have a favourite type of exercise? HAHAHAHAHA read above. I used to have horse and play netball and do Tae Kwon Do, but injuries stopped all that, basically all I do now is walk.

Do you sleep with a top sheet? Why or why not? Yes. Basically, in Summer it is too hot to sleep with a duvet or blankets. In winter it doesn’t bother me one way or the other.


I have a lot to be grateful for, even when things are not going to plan. I found out last Friday what I thought was bursitis in my right shoulder is actually a torn tendon…OUCH! I am seeing a surgeon next Friday (28th) so hopefully have a treatment plan (preferably not one involving surgery). I have big plans and big opportunities coming up, some I cannot share with you as yet, but hopefully soon. Others I can; I will be teaching for four weeks and a local community house next term. I will be speaking at another camera club meeting soon. I will next month be travelling to QLD to see my Daughter and S-I-L and some art friends. I will be running a mini-workshop and doing a talk there too. So much to look forward too. For now, I will leave you with this lovely little sunrise over Lilydale Lake last Thursday evening.

Sunset over Lilydale Lake

I hope you are having an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo