Twenty Questions

I first stumbled onto this post by Melanie, which of course sent me to this post by the Specataled Bean, 20 questions, for something fun to do

Now I will be honest I was procrastinating, but I thought why not? So let’s jump in shall we?


Your most memorable fancy dress costume? I once (many, many years ago) dressed as a baby for New Year’s Eve. I have never really been one to dress up as such. You might find that surprising as my world these days revolves around playing dress-ups!

Which social media platform do you use the most? I guess Facebook, is where I spend most of my time, but my time is also divided between WordPress and Instagram. I do also use Pinterest and 500X and Flickr and a few others, but I am not on them as often.

Favourite season? Autumn. I love the colour, the days are still mild and the nights are often cooler (better for sleeping), I adore the light in Autumn so pretty a photographers dream. The sunrises and sunsets are also often better.

If you had to choose the beach or the mountains, which would it be? I adore the mountains, the fresh air, the trees the vistas. But I feel more at home by the ocean. I don’t sunbake or spend hours sitting on the beach, but I do love to listen and watch the waves. I can find peace and quiet and calm at the beach, especially if it is a secluded beach and not too hot. I am perfectly happy at the beach in Winter too.

What can you play very well? As in musical instrument? Nothing. I have tried piano/keyboard, guitar, even recorder…but I never stuck with any of them and never got very good.

What kind of cheese do you like? I really like a nice Edam or Gouda, sadly being lactose-free I really should not be eating either.

Life goal? To be happy and content, it might seem a bit soppy, but it’s true. Sure I want to travel more, I would like to have more followers, a bigger studio, more money more stuff…but in the end, I just want to be happy and content.

How many cities have you lived in? Just one, Melbourne Australia, although I have moved around about within the suburbs of Melbourne. I have lived in Narre Warren for nearly 30 years.

What language do you wish you could speak? I can only speak English, and some days even that’s a struggle lol. I once had a boss who could speak five languages and manage to stuff up all of them! I am happy with English.

What can’t you stand? Disloyalty, scammers and mean people. I just cannot understand WHY they are wired that way. What do they get out of it?

If you have an hour to kill on your hands, what would you do? Usually, something to do with my camera or editing photos. Then there is also playing 20 questions on WP hahaha. I am not above Netflix binging either 🙂

Your favourite routine? My favourite, which sadly is not regular. Sleep in, coffee in bed, spend an hour or so going through the socials and email with another coffee. Shower dress and spend a few hours in the studio. then a few hours editing. Perhaps take the dogs for a walk, a glass of wine and dinner with friends. An evening spent laughing and talking. Fall into bed and sleep.

Sadly it is more like……get up, quick coffee, quickly scan the socials, shower dress, drive to work, go through emails. work, work, work, come home, cook, clean, eat, fall onto the couch and watch TV or spend the night playing catch up with work stuff, emails, editing, writing marketing content and stuff.

When do you become hyperactive? In the studio, my mind races constantly with ideas and imagination, I do some of my best work like that. Don’t get me wrong each of my session are still completely planned out, but I also give myself the freedom to play and experiment.

Text message or phone call? Definitely text these days. I guess we have lost the art of communication somewhat. But it is so much easier. If you call someone, they may be busy, or unavailable. But if you text someone, they will usually come back to you eventually. However, sometimes it is easier on the phone to just talk and explain.

Your most precious treasure? My alone time, sometimes I feel like I get so precious little completely alone time. True I have my own office at work, I can shut the door. At home I am frequently alone to edit or play in the studio…but I find I get often and frequent interruptions. To be truly alone with my own thoughts I get such precious little time for that.

Your latest foreign language mistake? I honestly suck at languages, so I don’t bother

What’s the best therapy for you? A good cry, laughter, talking with friends (That includes Hubby too). A walk near the beach and a long drive in the car, these are all good.

If you could be a fictional character, who would you be? I honestly have no idea. Dead Pool is kind of cool and kickass.

Where would you like to travel? It’s a very long list, but I am slowly covering things off. I wish to see more of Australia and New Zealand, for the moment. I would love to see Canada, Cambodia, Vietnam as well.

Where did you meet your spouse/partner? I honestly cannot remember, I have known him a VERY long time. The first time I met him, he was the boyfriend of a friend. There are photos of him at my 16th and 17th birthday parties, but we never really hung out, he was just part of the group. We met again years later when I used to ride horses with his then-wife! Can you believe that? I stabled my horse where she did. We then met again a few years later, again, when he was house sharing with another friend, THAT is where our relationship started. I used to go over there all the time, one thing let to another and the rest is history. I moved in and we then got married, had kids got a house etc, etc, etc!

Wow that was fun…

~ Julz

Now I guess I have to get back to doing some work!