Speak No Evil

Something a little different today, I recently mentioned I had three lovely ladies in the studio helping me out with some conceptual pieces…this is one of them.

Speak No Evil

It is said that there are three wise virtues; to speak, hear or see no evil. But evil is all around us. We are tied to like a hostage and to pull free from its bonds is both difficult and painful. As mere mortals, how do we break our bonds to the evil that inflicts us? Can we truly be blind, deaf and silent?

Who are we if we cannot speak out against evil? Who are we if we cannot stop the evil we have seen? How can we hear about evil and do nothing to prevail against it? Are these truly virtues if we turn a blind soul to the evil that surrounds us? We should rip the veil from our eyes, our ears, our mouths and enslave evil and hide IT away from the world.

Our fair world has always suffered at the hands of evil, and we should suffer no more.

JuliePowell_Speak No Evil-1
Speak No Evil

Models – ‘See’ Gabby Williams, ‘Hear’ Anjel Taylor, ‘Speak’ Jess AMi

~ Julz