Three Muses

Recently I invited three ladies (two I had never worked with before) into the studio for two Conceptual images. Initially, I had this whole concept shot in mind, I am still working with it in Photoshop, but on a spur of the moment, I decided to lay all three women on the floor and drape them in fabric (tulle) and create such a moody atmospheric image of all three.

JuliePowell_Three Muses-1

I was working with three women, around the premise of the Three Fates, Three Muses, as well as See, Speak and Hear no Evil. Both of them had been ideas in my notebook for quite a long while. Somethings just take time to develop.

I purchased some cheap black singlet tops, so each model was wearing the same thing and they each wor black leggings…as I was capturing from the waist up, the bottoms didn’t matter they just needed to be dark. The Tulle softened the girls’ hands and the background and made it seem separate from the final image of the Three Fates.

It just proves you don’t need fancy stuff to make really interesting images. This was a hand-painted canvas background and I was using one over-head light with a 90cm octobox. I also bought a matte lipstick that all three women were wearing, I just wish they had all the same coloured nail polish! I had to do all their nails by hand in PS. Oh well, the things we learn and do!

~ Julz