Fading flowers in fading light – Disbuds

These disbuds were travelling along really nicely, I had used them in a shoot last week, then again in a workshop last weekend. This week had been crazy with ‘life stuff’ and they were left in a bucket of water just outside the studio door. Many of them were well past their prime, but these two, one re-cut and placed in freshwater bounced back really well. So I decided to give them one last quick studio session late one afternoon in the fading light.

I placed a diffuser over the window to ensure the light was extra soft and dreamy and used a reflector to bounce a little light back onto the flowers. I also used a fairly slow shutter speed (1/2 second) so I placed my camera on a tripod. Using my 50mm macro, I did a more pulled back establishing shot and then captured some macro magic. I loved how the light makes the edges of the petal so soft and dreamy and fade off into nothing.

~ Julz