Share your world – 3rd March 2020

March! That means Summer is officially over (not that we really had one) and Autumn is here! YAY…my favourite time of the year these days. The days are lovely with beautiful light, the nights are cooler (so much better for sleeping) and the sunsets and sunrise are usually nicer. Then the trees and plants all start to change colour. We don’t get the magnificent colour changes as in other parts of the world, but still…very pretty. Sorry to hear other areas around the world are still wrapped in Winter. Anyway here is another post for Share Your World


Can you bake a cake? Sure can, can even make a gluten-free vegan cake which is quite tasty! julie-powell_choc-cake-12

What’s one thing that can instantly make your day better? Coffee? But seriously when someone says that something I taught them or showed them made a difference in the way they create. Or that my images inspired them to create something magic themselves. I love that! Of course, it is always nice when someone says they enjoy my images too, but when I helped them make a new discovery or path of they own…that is awesome!

When you were a kid, did you eat the crusts on your sandwich or not? I used to hate the crusts, but my Nan (Grandmother) told me if I ate them, I’d get curly hair, so I did. Sadly my hair only went a little wavy (and not in a pretty way, more like a sheepdog lol), I always wanted such pretty curly hair, like Shirley Temple! I never did get it.

What’s something your family would be surprised to learn about you?  Perhaps that I am not always as together as people might think? I often struggle with things too and suffer from anxiety a little.


After seeing the surgeon about my shoulder on Friday, I thought I might find a little gratitude difficult this week, but it’s actually not…

  1. After the health scare the previous week, Hubby is doing much better and went back to work yesterday.
  2. Had six brave souls attend my Photoshop for beginners class on Saturday, and had a couple request follow up classes, even some one on one classes.
  3. I then followed that up with a Light Painting class on Sunday, with a rather well-known portrait artist who rarely ever attends workshops, I felt quite honoured. She has also been singing my praises ever since, so nice.
  4. My hubby was also able to help me set up for both workshops, due to my shoulder I am a bit limited.
  5. I have a long relaxing weekend coming up, no work only play and I am looking forward to it.
Light Painting with Still Life

So that is my week…I do hope you are having a fantastic week

~ Julz, xo