Summer Workshops – Still Life

I recently ran my first Still Life workshop in quite a while, it was lovely to get back to basics. Initially, I thought it may not go ahead, due to poor bookings, but a week before the class it was full with a waitlist, funny how things work out. One of the ladies (and this class was all ladies, as they frequently are) brought a huge bunch of sunflowers as a thankyou and to shoot during the class. Nothing says bright and cheery like sunflowers!

We had three stations set up, as usual, I only managed to snap a few images before and after class…I really wanted to make sure I got some of those sunflowers before they started to wilt, sadly cut sunflowers do not last long.

I have now been running still life classes in this format for four years, so I think they have mostly run their course, but I still drag it out at least once, maybe twice a year I think. Mostly I am being asked to run themed portrait shoots, which are so much fun, but a LOT of work!

This weekend I am running Photoshop for beginners class and then a Light Painting class on Sunday, as well as a fabulous studio session on Friday, busy, busy week.

~ Julz