Emily, the ballerina

As I said the other day, I had a ballerina in the studio, Emily. She bought some gorgeous costumes and we had such a fun and lovely morning. We did white, black and a red outfit (I love my reds!)

We got out the smoke machine and the bubble machine I even played with some gels (for lighting) which I have not done much of before. It was great. You can see some of the behind the scenes and more images in this YouTube clip

You probably don’t remember Emily’s face, I have worked with her before, but as it is usually covered in makeup and costumes and such. She was the Red Queen in Alice, the B&W ballerina clown in a Halloween shoot. The assistant in the Mermaid shoot. About time she got in front of the camera for real!

We also got a little silly and way out once this shoot had finished, but I’ll save that for another post!

~ Julz