Monday’s Musings…

Well that’s it apparently the world has gone crazy and each country has closed itself off from the rest of the world. Pretty easy for us Aussies and Kiwis but it does make for interesting times. I am still flying to Queensland, but only because I really want to see my daughter more than anything else. The conference/get together has dwindled down to less than 10 people, and possibly some of the attractions we were going to do, no longer an option…but whatever. I guess it’s now a matter of when we get CV not if?

My shoulder, where I have torn the tendon off the bone is already starting to cause issues, so it looks like I am going under the knife, again! But with the CV pandemic, my surgery may get put off, but if it does go ahead I guess I will be quarantined anyway. I was going to put it off due to concerts, weekends away and festivals, all now cancelled. So if I can’t do anything then I may as well get the surgery over and done with, by the time I am fit and well and ready to get back into things, this craziness will have settled down. And yes I know this won’t be a quick 14 days fix…in either case 😦

But until we go into total lockdown, I did a few things, just for fun. My friend Sue and I had been wanting to visit Coombes Cottage, where Dame Nellie Melba lived. Been trying for months we don’t always have the same day off work, they only run tours during the week, one time it was way too hot, next it was raining, then some of us were injured, or sick…but finally on Friday, everything aligned. Under threatening skies, we had a wonderfully relaxing morning.

Saturday, I was originally booked for a workshop, which got cancelled. CV again. Anyway, my model Emily had bought a dress and booked to get her hair and makeup done, so we decided to do the workshop shoot anyway, but just Emily, myself and a friend Lisa. We had a ball. Tried three different outfits (only the Flapper dress was for the workshop). Loads of fun, with my beautiful new backdrop which finally arrived as well.


Sunday, madness in supermarkets trying to get essentials, no bread, limited milk, no pasta, tin food, no toilet paper, sanitizers or sanitary products (for my daughter), no toothpaste. It’s so nuts, thankfully I did a big shop last week and have a bit to hold us through. I needed a new pair of sneakers for our trip away, even that was more difficult than it should be.

Not much else to say, I have scheduled a few posts while I am away, but I will try and pop in from time to time…

~ Julz