Share your world – 17th March 2020

Last night we made the difficult decision to cancel the trip to QLD, my Awake get together has been pretty much cancelled. My daughter works in a supermarket and is crazy busy and run off her feet, she doesn’t need us in the way. Sad, as I am sure she could do with a Mum cuddle as much as I need one, but it will have to wait. At least we can still chat online and phone. Let’s just hope with everyone staying at home the NBN doesn’t fall over. 😛

I have pretty much put my business and my life on hold, I have had several photoshoots cancelled/postponed, a few weekends away cancelled/postponed, a concert is suspended/pending and I have a workshop of my own in watch and see, possibly to be postponed. However…this gives me and everyone else the opportunity to perhaps catch up on some other stuff. I am putting together two brand new online classes, plus I can just potter and create and practice in the studio. I also have some classes I have purchased but not got around to doing. I also have a long Netflix & Disney list to watch.

I am going the second route of SYW, because I hardly knew the answers to any of the Irish SYW questions, despite the fact that I am probably from Irish decent somewhere down the line.


What harsh truths do you prefer to ignore? Ohhhh there are a few. I have anxiety issues, which I am currently working on. Their true cause is something I guess until now I never really wanted to look too closely at. But we all have our own issues, right?

I have also been ignoring how bad my torn shoulder tendon is getting. I guess this is the time to fix it, while I cannot do anything anyway, so I have messaged the surgeon, now just waiting to hear back from him. I REALLY don’t want this surgery, but I am going to be so much more worse off if I don’t have it 😦

Is free will real or just an illusion? I think it is real, and we do have a choice. Sometimes our choices are limited and not ones we are really happy with, but I think we still have the free will to chose. I have been learning of late, that I may not have control over external forces, but I do have control over how I react to them. Learning to chose reactions wisely…that is the challenge.

What is the meaning of true love? Putting up with each other’s crap, day in and day out for over 30 years…I guess that is true love. Friendship is key. Passion dies off, I mean it’s still there, just different, more a slow burn and fiery hot I guess. But the friendship, that’s what keeps us close.  Often empty nesters fall apart, as they no longer have anything in common, Moth and I don’t have that problem, we now have common interests, that we can still actually do apart. He likes being outdoors more than me, I prefer the studio, but we both still love our photography.

Some roses to brighten your day

I am secretly loving the thought of self-isolation, I wish I could have more time of 9-5 work and then I can play with my camera more. Perhaps sleep in more. Cuddle on the couch with the dogs and watch Netflix (or Disney) more. Cook more, eat more (ok so not a good thing lol). I can chat with anyone I want to online or via phone. I won’t feel lonely. As a self-proclaimed introvert…I’ve got this!

Stay safe, well & sane everyone…

~ Julz, xo