The Lonely Man – Quiet Reflections of the Inner Mind

The quiet reflections of the Inner mind, when we can quell the storms that buffet us from here and there, we can find the quiet solitude to seek shelter from the storm. We can lull the senses and seek that inner voice to quieten all without and within. A safe harbour where we can seek enlightenment and search for wisdom. There is a certain freedom in knowledge and wisdom to unlock our true purpose. What we choose to do with this knowledge is in our hands, we can let it lead us or we can let it float away.

Only when we can quiet the raging storms and find solitude and serenity, can we truly see the storms for what they really are, a new lease on life, blowing out the old and invigorating with new fresh air and ideas. Indeed the rains can clean all before them and bring on new growth. In struggles, we find strength and courage, we can bend or we can break, not letting them encompass who we really are and break our spirit is where the real courage comes to the fore. So quiet your mind, relax and look to your inner reflections.

Quiet Reflections of the Inner Mind
Quiet reflections of the inner mind

~ Julz