Autumn Outings – Modern Turkish Food Class

Last year I attended a Christmas Cookie class, with some friends and we had such a wonderful time. Well, #100milefoodie and #oneoutoutMelbourne run other food classes as well, and not just food plenty of other experiences up for grabs too. One such class was the Modern Turkish feast. So I recently attended this with my friend Sue. We drove down to Dromana for a lovely coffee and brunch before attending the class. Friends of ours had done the Traditional Turkish Feast and had recommended a light brunch as they did not eat all their prepared food until the end and were quite hungry. Well…we had food and lots of it from the moment we got there. Turns out brunch was a BIG mistake. 

Oh well, we at least got to taste many items and then take some home to eat. We had a wonderful capsicum dip and warm Turkish bread, fresh dates and nibbles. Then we made spinach and ricotta gozleme (simply divine), lentil kofte and lamb and mint kotfe of mushroom and finished off with delightful baklava. It different from Greek in the type of nuts, mostly pistachio, walnut and hazelnut? I was surprised at how easy they were to make.

We then finished off with Turkish delight and spice apple tea, just divine. These classes are so much fun, even with a group of strangers, but I must admit when the cookie class was full of friends it was much more fun, and noisy.

So perhaps check out your local area for fun Experience Day’s Out, this was good fun and good value, we get to learn how to make these dishes, as well as keep the recipes.

~ Julz