Mondays Musings…

Another week and the world is becoming unrecognisable, isn’t it? What started as a concern a few weeks ago has put virtually the entire planet on lockdown. Even in Australia, they are tightening the measures here. States like South and Western Australia are closing the borders to other states, Northern Territory as well. Sport was being played behind closed doors, with no fans, last night even that was suspended. The world is not as we once knew it.

As you may have guessed my planned holiday up north to Queensland got cancelled. I can still chat online with my daughter, but I still really wanted to see her. Oh well, not happening now. ALL travel has been cancelled and everyone is in lockdown. Even my surgeon got placed in lockdown and I have no idea if or when my shoulder surgery will go ahead.

Who knows how long this is going to go on for, but I have a bad feeling it could be awhile. Thankfully, we are doing OK I have a bit of food (not a lot, but some), I need more pet food I think. I have my camera and my studio and stuff to shoot. I have Netflix and DVDs to watch. I guess if we get really bored there are board and card games.

This is for my generation and so many others something we have never witnessed in our life, and hopefully never will again. We were all so worried about terrorism, but our biggest foe is a virus.

National Austalia is at Level 1 measures, Victoria is supposedly taking things a little further, but I have no idea as yet to what this means. So much confusion and mixed message it’s hard to know exactly what is going on. I guess I could perhaps have more time on my hands…but who knows.

I guess until I hear some more, I have nothing more to say…I may not have workshops or model shoots, as they are all cancelled, but I have a camera and a studio and so much stuff…I guess when I stop sulking (and I will) I can get back to creating some stuff.

See you all soon, stay safe and sane…

~ Julz, xo