Share your world – 24th March 2020


On A Scale Of 1-10, How Strict Were Your Parents? 7 Maybe hard to tell. Be home by dark, do your homework, no jumping on the beds, go to your room, we got the belt from Dad and scoldings, to be honest the belt hurt less than the scoldings most of the time.

What Wastes The Most Time In Your Day To Day Life? To be honest probably social media and Netflix. These days I am struggling to get into the creative zone. I have not picked up my camera in nearly two weeks. Having all my happy places pulled out from under me is having an effect. I get trying to tell myself to snap out of it, but I am still sulking.

Do They Bury People With Their Braces* On?   (* “braces” in this scenario are those metal bits they put on people to straighten their teeth.   I realize “braces” are also some item of clothing that I believe men wear to keep their socks up or something.  I’m talking about the teeth option). Weird, I have no idea…not something I have ever thought about. Perhaps they do, I mean why bother to remove them? Sad that most of these Dead with braces would most probably be children.

Why Does A Round Pizza Come In A Square Box? Probably because a square box is easier to manufacture and stack than a round one. Once upon a time the pizza used to reach the edges of the pizza box, but these days the boxes seem to be the same size but the pizzas have all shrunk, they just slide around in the box, causing all the toppings to dislodge and make a gooey mess.

Gratitude:   Share something you are grateful for right now.  I know that’s a tough question.  It helps to share those bright bits with folks though, because many of us are seeing through an increasingly dark glass.

Indeed a difficult one this week. I know what I should be grateful for; I still have my health, I still have my family and friends, I still have a job (well a part-time one). I wish I could work from home but cannot (according to the Boss), my Daughter and Husband cannot work from home either. Both come into constant contact with other people all the time.

My shoulder surgery has also been postponed and I am quietly thankful for that too, although now I seem to have hurt my other shoulder. I am told that is quite common, as I am overexerting it because of the damaged one. Had more Xrays and scans and back off to see the Doctor this afternoon.

I guess between CV and my shoulder, that is where most of my doom and gloom is coming from. I am blaming CV for not getting out and shooting, but the truth is I am struggling to hold the camera 😦


Well stay safe and sane and I hope these sunflowers can brighten your day…

~ Julz, xo