The lonely Man – Waiting for the rains

It is said to be careful what one wishes for. We have had torrential rain in some areas of Australia, but still draught in others. After the bushfires and draughts to have flooded in some areas is truly devastating for some. While others can only wish they had some of the rain. The country is in crises and now we have CV.

Waiting for the rains_Small
Waiting for the rains

It seems it never rains but it pours. The financial uncertainty is affecting so many. Sporting matches are being cancelled and people ask the government for a bailout. The tourism sector is taking a big hit and they are asking for a bailout. The Hospitality industry is on total chaos and asking for a bailout. The arts have come to a halt and are asking for a bailout. Casual workers needing to quarantine themselves and not getting paid are asking for bailouts. People on low incomes, the elderly, the disabled, so many people asking for help and where is it coming from? Who knows. The hospitals and staff are becoming ragged already. The front line of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Police and more have not really been given much to protect themselves with and when they are in quarantine, then what?

Food is scarce, and home deliveries are being cancelled, there is nothing at the supermarkets and people have stockpiled 6 months worth of stuff when others don’t even have one week. Concerts and theatre are cancelled, sporting events, holidays overseas and locally. They are talking about schools and uni. Younger children need to be supervised and looked after so parents need to stay home, so more people taken away from areas where they’re required too.

It’s all getting a little out of control. Mind you with all the craziness happening 14 days (or more) at home on the couch, my dogs and Netflix, kind of sounds nice!

~ Julz