In the Studio – The girl in the Peacock Green Dress

Before the studio was shut down indefinitely to the outside world, I was lucky to have two final, amazing sessions, this was one of them. So glad I managed to get them shot. Of course, I cannot wait to shoot more, but I guess that may have to wait.

Many many years ago, I came across this green dress in a thrift shop, I paid AUD$7 for it and paid a further $12 for the zip to be replaced. Problem is it is a size 6-8, so not many people can wear it, it is also quite fitted too. It has been worn a few times, but nothing on such a grand scale. When I first met Bec from Verdessa Fairy I showed her this dress. We have spoken on and off about doing something incredible, Alexia fit the dress and would be our model, it was just about creating the headpiece and waiting for the stars to align. This happened recently, so we set up a date for the studio and went to work.

I have been working on a new editing style, a little more painterly, more lavish and an art deco feel to this shoot was called for. Seems to be a new go-to thing for me at the moment. Bec was incredible and created not one lavish headpiece but several. The large peacock feather headpiece truly has to be seen to be believed, the details are truly exquisite. Bec also made a smaller peacock fascinator for the studio, it lives with the dress, there is an actual little peacock on it!

We wanted to keep it simple, but very stylish and sophisticated, let the dress and headpiece stand out. I am so happy with the final photos. There is also another set, with a lilac coloured dress, but I will leave them for another post.

~ Julz