Monday’s Musings…

I know I have already put up a post this morning, but I felt remiss in not writing a Monday’s Musings, just a little late. You see I am supposed to be having surgery on my shoulder, but that got postponed and now totally cancelled. Bummer! Oh well, I guess I am doing OK.

I really don’t have much to report on activities, apart from went from the kitchen to the lounge room and then to the office and even popped into the studio for a bit lol. Don’t get me wrong I am not 100% hating this self-isolation. I have got loads done, relaxed and watched Netflix, I watched that Locke and Key last week, I really enjoyed that. Hubby and I also watched Picard from Prime too, really enjoyed that – even if it is a bit of a leap from Star Trek TNG.

My daughter has COVID19 symptoms and is isolating herself from the world. The poor thing is quite ill. We were supposed to be visiting her last week, just as well we didn’t I guess. She can’t get tested, as the rules for testing don’t apply to her, it’s all so silly, but the point is there just aren’t enough test kits.

I ran a special off on my photography eBooks on my website AUD$10.00 for all five books and they have been selling great. This means I can still keep my website and my online classes going for a couple of months. People have been so generous. I will be owing a lot of people a cup of coffee or glass of wine as a thank you when all this is done!

So what have you all been doing to keep busy and safe?

Julie Powell_Lotus-39

Pretty water lily for you today…

~ Julz