Share your world – 31st March 2020

What a crazy, scary, topsy-turvy world we currently live in. Many of us from my generation onwards have never seen anything like this, at least not in my country. Sure there were riots and food rationing and such in the Great Depression, but WE never lived through that, only heard from (possibly) parents and for sure Grandparents. Even the GFC, did not impact us here in Australia as much as COVID19. It is bringing out the worst in some and the best in others. Some are quoting chicken little (the sky is falling) and others are being funny, irreverent and very, very clever. I prefer to focus on the good things and try not to listen to the bad so much…but it is hard.

For those who sent well wishes for my daughter, a week in and she is slowly starting to feel better. She told me last night she could lay down and actually got a fairly goods nights sleep, hence is feeling so much better today. She claimed that was the biggest problem, when she laid down she couldn’t breathe and felt like she was sort of drowning. But she is slowly on the improve, so thank you for your good wishes xo.

Now for another week of SYW questions from Melanie, I feel these fun things are even more important now.


Pancakes, waffles or French Toast as your breakfast favourite? Sadly waffles and French toast are out, due to the eggs. I do make a fairly nice egg-free, gluten-free, lactose-free pancake, but we rarely eat it for breakfast. Perhaps Brunch, but I usually make them for dinner…weird right? I have no idea why.

Do you think a person’s name influences the person they become? I have no idea, I know my name causes me all sorts of problems. Julie Powell is so common. I know several just in my local area and two are even photographers! There are writers and photographers with the same name all over the place. I think when I first got into this business I should have picked something else as a business name. But still, I got the blog, the website and Facebook page before most of them thought about it, so that’s a good thing lol! Then there is that movie Julie & Julia about a Julie Powell who is a chef!

Would things get better or worse if humans focused on what was going well rather than what’s going wrong? Sadly there will always be people of focus on the worst, and I guess we do need them, they point out what could go wrong, rather than what IS going wrong. But I dod think if we, in general, did focus on the good stuff, we could get more achieved. I know I spent several days last week sulking about how things were impacting me, I got nothing done and felt really bad. People are doing a LOT tougher than me, so I finally snapped out of it and decided to focus on the good, get some work done, send out some positive vibes and lift a few people up with me, it felt good. The sun was shining and I was productive. I am still self-isolating, but I feel better about it.

Is math(s) something that humans created or something we discovered? Is looking at reality mathematically an accurate representation of how things work? Seriously? This question makes my head hurt lol. I honestly think it is all made up (as I just don’t understand complex maths), but those in the know will tell you it’s everywhere and we just took notice of what was there.


What are you grateful for right now?   I realize it’s difficult to be very positive right now unless one is being positive that things are pretty awful.   Let’s spread the joy in gratitude!! 

I actually have an amazing one to be grateful for. I did a good thing and I offered all the eBooks on my website to anyone who wanted them for free for a day. I was inundated, to say the least…I wasn’t expecting quite so many people to download. I did a quick calculation and I gave away approx AUD$6,500.00 worth of stock. These are digital downloads in PDF, so they didn’t really cost me financially to produce, so I was not at a financial loss doing this, so all good there. But then I started to do a little panic and thought if people just kept downloading them for free, no-one would buy anything and I had NO Income at all for my photography business!

So I pulled them all down that evening, I then had the thought that perhaps I kept a couple on there for free, as there truly are people who cannot afford anything frivolous at the moment. I put the rest up for a mere $5.00, then I made a mega bundle and you could buy all five books for AUD$10.00 (still can). I then posted this online and on an email and I was suddenly inundated again, this time with people who bought the mega bundle, people who only bought one book and people thanking me for allowing them to get the free download, as they just could not afford anything as they had lost jobs etc. I could still feel good and still have some marginal income to cover insurance, website hosting and so forth. What an amazing thing.

Then…I had people who felt guilty for downloading all my books for free donating me money! Sometimes it was just a few dollars, sometimes more. I was completely blown away by this generosity, especially when so many people are struggling financially. It won’t pay off the house or let me take a holiday, but it will keep me online for the next few months and THAT is some good Karma!

I hope you are having an amazing week, I know I am and I also know that there are some truly wonderful people in this world.

~ Julz

the egg
I have been playing with some stuff out of the kitchen, I thought these eggshells looked really cool