The Lonely Man – Stairway to Nowhere

I took a little detour on my Lonely Man series, I actually left out the apple and the key, I did leave in the clouds. I am not sure if it still ties in with the others anymore or not. But I am also happy with it as a stand-alone image too.

Julie Powell_Stairway to Nowhere_Small
A stairway to nowhere

Do you ever get that feeling that the walls are closing in on you? You need to escape the prison of your four walls, to just get out, go anywhere? What if you could get out of your own head and climb a stairway to nowhere? You could go anywhere, or nowhere. Up into the clouds, full of mystery and promise. In your imagination anything that you can think up can happen, a quiet little corner to relax and breathe, an adventure full of dragons and witches or murder and intrigue. The choice is completely up to you.

The freedom and fun you could have, close your eyes and take a little walk on the wild side, you could try to peek through the foliage that separates you from your dreams, or just take the stairs. Each stair is a promise of a new adventure. Travel to places you have never been but always wanted to visit, take a plane, take a train or bus or car, try a horse, a dragon or simply saunter on your own.

In a virtual reality, made entirely from your imagination…just think of the possibilities? You just need to take that first step.

~ Julz