Monday’s Musings…

Monday. Again. Well it’s hard to really do much, isn’t it? Most of the world is stuck at home in isolation mode, we are no different. I think if it wasn’t for my shoulder, it wouldn’t be so bad, but I am finding it difficult to concentrate and do anything for long periods of time. I just have to do little things. I did spend some of the weekend doing a Photographic Scavenger Hunt, so that was amusing for a while. I did a few mini shoots in the studio, but like I said with my shoulder trying to do anything is difficult. I have been busy writing post for Photofocus and attempting to finish off some more online classes too.

I did do a few Zoom chats with some artistic & photographic friends so that was nice to catch up, but not quite the same. We had an afternoon session with a couple of still life photography girls, as we can’t get together and shoot, so that was great to see and hear them again. I then did an evening session (with drinks) with some members of my Awake group. We were supposed to have our yearly catchup and stuff last week in Queensland, however, it was cancelled and with everyone being scattered all over Australia, a Zoom meeting was a great idea. Loads of fun and we are talking about another in two weeks. I also had a writers catch up with my Photofocus peeps, and we talked about heaps of stuff. It was later evening for many of them, but lunchtime for me, normally I can’t participate as I am either at work, or it is so early in the morning I simply can’t function lol.

Drinks and nibbles

I, like the rest of the world, have been watching lots of Netflix, Prime, Disney etc. Currently watching Ozark. I watched Locke & Key, Ascension, Altered Carbon, Picard…so many I can’t remember them all. What have you been watching, looking for ideas

I also did some cooking & shooting, carrot cake, red velvet Orea cheesecake balls, and chocolate mousse…OK, OK, so not much of it slimming, but it is comfort food, and it is suddenly gotten really cold and wet and miserable…sign of things to come I’m afraid. We put our clocks back an hour last night, wish we could put them forward…about 12 months!

Carrot Cake

Well, I guess that’s about it for my start of the weeks’ check-in, I hope everyone is doing OK, stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane…

~ Julz, xo