Trying to get in the Easter vibe

We haven’t really bothered with Easter so much this year, we have a basket of chocolates and I made some treats last weekend, which we have already eaten. I did manage to get hold of some more flour this week, so I might try some more baking.

Meanwhile, grabbed some dried flowers and my little brass rabbit statue, and my mock grass one and staged a few mini shoots. Soft and more silhouette in nature, almost devoid of all colour. Very sombre and grey currently like our weather.

There will be no trips aways this Easter (for anyone), no holiday BBQ, no catching up with friends, no social drinks. I am thinking maybe having another social gathering via Zoom, social drinks or whatever, something to break up the monotony I guess. I miss my friends. It’s funny I thought I could handle this better than I thought. I have been busy, but still, feel…lost. I am guessing I am not alone. I sulked for a week or two, then shook myself off and got on with things, then spent another few days sulking…time to shake it off and get on with things again.

Happy Easter…or whatever

~ Julz