Easter Sunday under CV

I don’t normally post on a Sunday, but then these are not normal times either. Words like self-isolation and social distancing have become a fact of life, worldwide. Easter for us is normally either a time to get away for a short break, or more often than not a time to catch up with family and friends, drinks, dinners, BBQs, and such. We often opt to go away just after Easter when things are quieter…well not this year.

2020 is going to be the year the world will hope to live through and then forget, although I doubt that ANY of us are going to forget the toll it took for many years to come.

Still, we each have our part to play in this and trying to stay safe and out of the way is the best way we can help, but what to do right? I managed to scoop up a small amount of chocolate on one of my shopping forays and before everyone gobbled them up, I decided to do a quick mini shoot. I have been doing little mini shoots for Easter for a few years now


It’s quite amazing really, I also found hot cross buns (even the chocolate ones) and Easter chocolate, but still can’t get rubber gloves, hand sanitizer and various other things. Happy to report we have toilet paper, paper towel, tissues and last week managed to get flour! Last week they even started rationing alcohol purchases! Thankfully we are all set there!

I am not sure what your Easter looks like this year, tell me if you have any interesting ideas, I am lucky my kids are adults and there are no littlies to disappoint. My heart breaks for those little kids who will be missing out. However, history has taught us kids are resilient and they will bounce back far better than we will.

Stay, safe, happy and sane…

~ Julz, xo