In the studio – with Ms Fisher

We recently did what is probably our last model shoot for the moment, due to this damn Corona Virus. It was originally half of a workshop, but Emily had put so much time and effort into the costumes, the dress the new hat, Verdessa Fairy had made the headpiece, I finally got my new backdrop in and Emily had arranged hair and makeup. It just seemed such a waste after I had to cancel the workshop…so we decided to do it anyway. You can see the Great Gatsby photos shortly (still editing them), but this was an off-shoot, just for fun and they were fabulous! Emily found this hat in a thrift store for a few dollars and I have the black dress and over-sized cloak in the studio…it screams Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries doesn’t it?

JuliePowell_Ms Fischer-1JuliePowell_Ms Fischer-3JuliePowell_Ms Fischer-7JuliePowell_Ms Fischer-5

Just goes to show, you have to go with the flow and expect the unexpected πŸ™‚

~ Julz