The Lonely Man – Waves of Isolation

I created another piece of conceptual art for my Lonely Man series, “Waves of Isolation”. I am pretty sure I am not the only one feeling this some days, trapped behind the same walls, unable to break free, feeling like your about to drown under a sea of worry and concern for what is going on in the world? I mean this is an over-exaggeration of how I feel – it’s art! But the thought and the concept is there.

I feel that with the whole Corona Virus thing, that it comes in waves, sometimes I can just potter along in my own little world and I am OK, but then if I see or listen to too much news and noise, it’s all a bit too much. How much is a media beat-up, how much is a scare tactic? This is like nothing many of us have ever seen. Some people are feeling very jovial about it, some people are feeling nothing at all. Some people are angry all the time.

Waves of Isolation_Small
Waves of Isolation

I am OK…R U OK? It’s good to check with others, it’s a weird time to be human, this is not a local thing this is a global pandemic and 100s and 1000s will lose their lives, there are now reports of after effects fro this virus as well…will it never end.

I hope you are all doing OK, I just needed to vent and my art helps me achieve this. My art often helps me vent a lot of my anxiousness, I guess that is why so much is quite dark.

Take care, stay safe…

~ Julz