Auckland – Day 1 – Repost

I was recently reminded of how reading these blogs can take us on a virtual journey, this allows us to escape the current state of the planet, if only for a little while. So I thought I would take that a step further and re-post some of my favourite travels from years gone by…give us all a little something to enjoy for a few minutes, as let’s face it, none of us can travel anywhere at the moment.

So here is my frist trip to New Zealand from February 2015

We arrived in Auckland on a brilliant summers days, light wind off the Harbor and the Kiwis were so excited to see us they threw a big Party!

Auckland 175 Anniversary Weekend

Just kidding we arrived during Auckland 175 Anniversary Celebrations. We headed down to Queens Wharf were the Battleship HMAS Otago was in port and the Navy band were in full swing. There were buskers and street performers and market stalls. There were people everywhere and everyone was having a great old time.

New Zealand

We were staying at the Sky City Grand Hotel and ventured up Sky City Tower (328m Tall)

They even finished off the day for us with a huge fireworks display, which we had the perfect vantage point from our hotel room.

So that was our first Day in NZ……… to a great start. The People are so friendly, the city is so clean and they have such a pretty harbor. With all the celebrations still going on, we headed off to bed.

– Julz

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