Monday’s Musings…

To be honest I am not even sure why I am writing this…I feel like it is just the same old same old. However, I must admit I do have a few things to report.

There was a Photoshop Summit last week for five days, some just beginner stuff, some were mind-bogglingly cool and some was way over my head. But I did learn some awesome stuff. I also signed up for a few tutorials one with Kelly Robitaille on Whimsical Waifs, very cool and I put my own spin on them, of course. So much fun.

The Queen of Hearts from Alice

I also watched the 25th Anniversary special of The Phantom of the Opera, the full stage show, which is available for a limited time on Youtube. check it out, it might still be available. So wonderful and such great quality. Loved it. Apparently, they had Jesus Christ Superstar last weekend, but I missed that. Oh Well. I don’t think I have ever seen this stage show.

I spent most of Saturday pottering in the studio and played with some frozen roses and some dark and moody still life.


I was also featured by Sebastian Michaels on the Photoartistry Facebook Page, gotta love it when people say such nice things about you lol. My head is as big as the Queen of Hearts lol. Still, it’s nice to be recognised by my peers for all my hard work.

Life seems to be coming and going, the ebb and flow of social isolation. Some days I forget and I am just pottering around. I still have so much work to do. Other days it hits you like a brick wall. I can’t just visit people I want to. I can’t run my face to face classes and workshops. I can’t see and shoot and play in the studio with friends.

The other highlight for me is Zoom, I have a few groups Zoom calls, with my still life group and my artists group and friends as well. I know it’s not quite the same, but it is still so lovely to connect. So many of my friends don’t actually live near me, so it’s been great to catch-up with lots of people I don’t see often.

Apart from all that, same old, same old lol…is this our NEW NORMAL? It’s weird but it is all feeling a bit normal, shouldn’t it all still be so surreal? Or is it just me?

Anyway I guess I had better get some work done…ciao for now

Stay safe