Share your world – 21st April 2020

Not much to say, so I’ll leave that at the bottom of the gratitude section and let’s jump straight into this weeks SYW questions


In your opinion what animal is the most majestic? I have also adored the elephant, nothing more majestic, nor enchanting than an elephant – in my opinion


What seemingly innocent question makes you think “It’s a trap!”? Trust me, I’m a Professional. I always say that with sarcasm when I have stuffed something up, or done something silly myself, especially in a class or workshop.

What weird potato chip flavour that doesn’t exist would you like to try?  We have some weird ones here in Australia for sure, Spag Bol, Meat pie and sauce. I once tried roast lamb and mint…it wasn’t bad, but not like the real thing. Some I look at and think…NO! But then I think I do actually like Honey and Soy Chicken, so who am I to judge. I am partial to basics flavours, plain with sea salt, chicken etc.


Share some gratitude with people if you like. Lots to be grateful for. I have a job and a roof over my head and good food, which is sadly more than some people. My daughter has recovered from her suspected case of CV and started her new job. My immediate family and friends are all well. Australia seems to be on top of our end of the Pandemic, which is good and lockdown will continue for another four weeks. Hopefully, elective surgery can be placed back on the table and we can have small gatherings and travel small distances to see friends and family.

On another note, I released another self-paced on-line class week and it is selling well, The Art of Still LifeI was planning on waiting to release it, but with so many people sitting at home, I thought I might try at a reduced price to begin with…glad to see it’s a gamble that paid off.  More time of people hands to do something fun and creative.

I also made some model packs which I added to my website for sale for digital artists, mostly older shoot Jess and I have done, and also some birds of prey packs too. A few people have already sent me sneak peeks of work they have done…fabulous!

featured image created by Gail S Edwards from the Sad Clown pack