Monday Musings…

I was supposed to be having surgery on my shoulder this morning, but that got cancelled…again! So it’s on-again, off-again, who knows when! I did spend the weekend tidying up some loose ends, I have two new online classes, one is all finished – have been working on it for months, it is actually to extend an in-person I am supposed to be teaching starting next week. I doubt it is going ahead just yet, but my class notes and online portion all nicely wrapped up and ready to go. I will release it as a stand-alone class a bit later in the year.

I had all sorts of bits and pieces that were hanging over my head, not quite finished, so they are all nicely wrapped up and finished…back end type online stuff or Photofocus articles and such.

Not much else to report, spent the weekend either in the studio, on the PC or helping Moth in the gardens. Hopefully, by the time lock-down is over, all my gardens will have had a massive cutback for Spring!

JuliePowell_Cottage Dahlia
I brought myself some pretty dahlias

Stay safe and well…

~ Julz

P.S. I hope you are enjoying my armchair travel posts! Next is Australia’s Red Centre, Ayers Rock and all that