Rotorua – Day 4 – Re-post

This day trip was certasinly a must do again on our recent trip, as we only did a small portion this trip. We gave up the Glow Worms on the 2019 trip and spent the whole day at the Thermal Wonderland park and saw all of it instead…fantastic day, but so tiring

Rotorua, Wai-O-Tapu Mud Pools, Thermal Wonderland and Lady Knox Geyser

We were picked up by our guide for the morning, Blue (no one could pronounce his Maori name!), he drove us to the Mud Pools first, and then onto Lady Knox Geyser. Apparently it was accidentally discovered and long time ago that laundry soap can set off geysers and once the startled would be washers recovered their senses and clothes, they had much fun with the Lady Knox Geyser, and made it even more astonishing by building the sides up with rocks, after decades the sides are totally encrusted with mineral salts and the rocks are no longer seen. However they still set it off with laundry soap! . The Thermal Pools, we only had a small amount of time, but what we saw (about 1/3) was superb and the water color was truly amazing. Weird, alien colors; Green, orange, purple, black, yellow, white and red. Would love to come back and walk the whole 3 trails. Simply superb.

We spent the afternoon driving out to the Waiotamo Glow Worm Caves, no photos allowed, so I don’t have any to share. It was interesting but completely overrated – I expected so much MORE! but oh well that’s how the cookie crumbles.

– Julz