Share Your World – 28th April 2020

It’s a little strange, so many people complaining that time is moving so slowly, but I am finding there still aren’t enough hours in the day. Or is it I am just getting through my do-to list slowly? It’s almost the end of April, the mornings are getting really chilly and so are some of the days. We did not really get the beautiful Autumn we usually do, not that we could have gone anywhere to enjoy it! So, onto the last SYW for April


Do guns protect people or kill people?  Or both? People kill people, guns are just tools. However, in saying that why do they need automatic rapid-fire weapons for sports shooting? I think there is OVERKILL in the process. Simple guns for simple sport. Sure farmers and such need them, but I bet most of them don’t machine guns. I believe in gun reform, I do not think everyone having access to guns saves anyone.

Is it more important to be respected or liked? I think it is more important to be respected. Sure it’s great to be liked as well, but if you are being liked by not being your true self, then there is no point. If you are liked and respected, all good. People can respect your attitude and values and work ethic and such and still not like you as a person. You can’t please everyone, all the time, right?

Is having a big ego a negative or positive trait? I don’t think it is such a bad thing. So many people, probably too many are self-effacing. Is having an ego such a bad thing? One of the biggest things I struggle with as an artist is accepting credit and awards and comments on my work. Putting myself out there. Claiming I was a credible artist. Writing my own About Page, I still cringe, but every word is true. Granted there are people out there whose ego is perhaps TOO BIG, but mostly I think a little bit of ego is a good trait to have.

Depending on your point of view, is death a new beginning? Well yes, I guess it would be, however it surely means an end to the current one. I don’t believe we just wink out of existence, but I don’t actually believe in Heaven or Hell either. Some sort of afterlife? I am not totally sure. I like the idea of reincarnation, getting a do-over. I also like the idea of becoming one with the energies of the universe. So I guess either of those sure would be a new beginning.


Melannie is correct, some days it feels difficult to find it. My shoulder surgery which was supposed to happen yesterday was cancelled again, that’s three times now, all because of this damn virus. Dad is back in the hospital again and I have no idea if I should stay away or go in? I do, however, have food, a job, a roof over my head and a wonderful little family. I have an awesome network of friends and we are doing our best to all stay in touch and check up on each other.

Frozen Roses

One of my photography groups has been giving us weekly challenges, to keep us entertained and engaged, this was from the previous weekend’s frozen flowers! This weekend just gone was water refraction, I’ll post them soon.

Stay safe and well…

~ Julz, xo