The Red Chair – Midnight Agenda

I recently created some bird image packs for my website, I actually got inspired to create some new art from some old images. I really seem to have a bit of a thing with owls on chairs at the moment. This is my gorgeous red velvet chair in the studio.

I had actually used the chair and the books for another piece, which I re-imagined as this. Owls are considered wise, and wise things belong ina library right? I wanted to capture different owls in the library or meeting room, surrounded by books, one has something important to say, another an important letter to share, and of course, there is always the one who will be running a little late.

Granted a library in a forest, under a full moon is not a normal occurrence, but then this is not a normal general meeting!

Midnight Agenda_Small
The Midnight Agenda

Pretty much all of this was created using my own photos and textures, and a few extra bits and pieces.

~ Julz