Christchurch -Twizel – Wanaka – Day 8 – Re-Post

We were very fortunate on this trip to have experienced a few things that people can no longer see in it full glorious beauty. One was the Musuem in Rotorua and another is the Cghurch of the Good Shepherd, reportedly one of the most photographed little churches at least in NZ if not the world. Stunning stone church in a stunning backdrop. It’s now behind fences. You can still see it…sort of. Such a shame.

The day dawned warm and sunny, as we bid farewell to Christchurch and made our way through McKenzie Country and stopped at Lake Tekapo, the gorgeous little bluff on which sits The Church of the Good Shepherd. Always crawling with photographers, and now a stern Minister hell-bent on stopping people taking pictures – yeah right, maybe inside the church.

We then drove onto Twizel for our next pick up, with One Ring Tours to drive out to Pelaanor Fields, the film site for many large battle scenes. We wandered around and then got to play dress ups with costumes and weapons, take lots of photos and generally be silly and have lots of fun. A Great afternoon.

Afterwards we continued our journey south the Wanaka. There are 2 very large lakes the Haweia and Wanaka at the base of Mount Aspiring National Park. We booked in quite late to our B&B, but more on that in another post. Wanaka is a Summer Holiday for the semi-rich and also for a lot of campers. It is a very pretty spot which we walked around after dinner.

– Julz