Digital Art- The Letter

I am a big Harry Potter fan, I wish it was around when I was a kid, I read to my girls, who were both instantly hooked. So I had loads of fun creating this image. I took this vintage chair out into the forest to capture the base image, then I added the owl with my ‘Letter’ of acceptance (only 40 something years late!) and created the Sorting Hat out of bits and pieces in Photoshop.

I kind of feel I might belong in Ravenclaw, or maybe Hufflepuff…what do you think? I am not really all that Brave like Harry or Hermione so not Gryfindor, and I am not exactly Slytherin material lol.

JuliePowell_The Letter_Small
The Letter

I actually had loads of fun creating this piece, I hope you enjoy it and please tell me which House you think I belong too…

~ Julz