Monday’s Musings…

The clock slowly ticks and we go into May…or so they say. Apart from missing my (in-person) workshops and catching up with friends (in person), I am doing OK with the whole quarantine thing. I am mostly an introvert anyway, so spending my time pottering around here is great. My only complaint is the weather, but then if it was nice I would want to go for a drive, and that for now, is still a no-no! I still talk to friends all the time on the phone and via Zoom. Google chat, Messenger, Facebook and such, I am probably talking to people more now than before, in some cases. Group chats on Zoom can be hilarious and messy and just plain fun. I have been running one on one via Zoom and my online classes have been selling well, so that is something.

While I have been busy doing all sort of other things too, the weather was awful this weekend, so I spent time in the studio and cooking in the kitchen, but we have been spending quite a bit of time in the gardens. A little bit of shooting and a lot of relaxing as well and why not?

High Tea for One

Jess and I actually did something pretty cool using Social Media, yesterday, here is a sneak peek, I will tell you more soon, I promise. We are really quite shocked just how well it actually worked.

Jess sneak peek

Not much else to say will post some more Armchair Travel Images during the week and a few bits and pieces here and there. I have been creating more digital art, so will feature that too.

Stay Safe…

~ Julz, xo