Wanaka – Arrowtown – Queenstown – Day 10 – Re-Post

I menationed yesterday about things we got to see which are no longer there or as we saw them. The Lonely Tree at Wanaka is one of them. So many people have visited and photographed this tree in the lake with the mountain range in the background. Sadly my iamge is not the best it could be as I was still elarning back then with photography. But it will have to do. Some idiot a month or so took to it with and axe and chopped part of it down. Sure the main part is still there but now the lower branches are gone it is not the same. So sad.

Due to the rain, we managed a sleep in this morning. When we finally did get up the clouds had lifted so we headed back down to the lake to get some photos, finally got some shots of Mt Aspiring with Snow in the distance. Found The Tree in the Lake and took some more pics.

We then drove through the high roads to Arrowtown, a very cute historic gold mining town, not far from Queenstown. They have tried to keep the historic look of the town with all the shops, pubs and buildings. We stopped and had lunch at the Post Masters Office Cafe and then did a bit of shopping.

We then continued onto Queenstown via the Crown Ranges and Lake Wakitipu (NZ 3rd largest lake), very pretty but mountainous area. We quickly booked into our B&B and then was picked up by Nomad Safaris for our next tour Into the Wizards Vale – Glenorchy & Paradise. Lots of LOTR scenes were shot the area and 12 Mile Delta. We saw lots of areas around the Lake and also saw The Ernslaw steam ferry.

Wandered around Queenstown, had dinner and then an early night.

– Julz