TeAnau – Melbourne – Day 14 – Re-Post

At the end of this post I said I wanted to come back and I did, I just had to wait four years. And that time we Visited the North Island only, three fabulous weeks exploring. I am still to visit the South again, but it will have to wait. 

I hope you have enjoyed this trip, it was the trip of a lifetime for us, the start of so many more adventures.

It was freezing again last night, we woke to more fresh snow on Mount Luxmor and the Dutton ranges. I woke early to catch the sunrise, moonset of the ranges, this time determined to get some photos! It was not quite as good as yesterday, but still breathtakingly beautiful. I stood there drinking in the beauty (freezing!), but not wanting to go home. As I watched the sun come up, I reminisced over the last few weeks and everywhere we have been and everything we have seen. It has been the most amazing trip and would love to come back again and see all the sites we missed, especially up North (Bay of Islands) Dunedin and many many more, and spend more time in places like Christchurch and Rotorua. Maybe one day.

Eventually, we packed up our things, we had gained a whole new bag?! So many souvenirs and extra gloves, scarves etc we bought to ward off the cold. We bid goodbye to TeAnau and our Hosts and drive back to Queenstown to begin the journey back home to Melbourne. We finally arrive home to an empty house (Children both at Work) but some VERY HAPPY animals. Oh it is nice to be home too, but I cannot wait til our next adventure, hopefully, I won’t have to wait too long!

So I hope you have enjoyed our holiday with us and until next trip, Safe and Happy Travels! Kia Ora!

– Julz