And now for something completely different…

The world is a little strange hey? Even though I have been pottering in the garden, in the studio and working with still life, flowers, food and such I really do miss my portrait sessions, and so does Jess. SO when I saw a Youtube video for a portrait shoot via Facebook Messenger, I thought sure, I’ll give that a go.

So Bec from Verdessa Fairy posted this pretty headpiece to Jess. Jess tried on a few different outfits and I picked one out, from photos she took off her phone (nothing actually different about that). Jess did a gorgeous job on her hair and makeup and then we did a portrait shoot!

Jess hung a white sheet over a bookcase behind her and sat on a chair with her iPad on a small table. She was sitting opposite a large window for light.

The first images are actually screen captures from my phone (Samsung S9), the next few I placed a vinyl floor tile on the floor, placed my mobile (with clean screen) on that, placed a few flowers around to soften the phone and set my camera on a tripod over that. The auto eye-tracking on my camera even picked up movement on the phone.

All in all, pretty easy, I was surprised out just how well the images came out. The screenshots are pretty small but good enough for social media.

Like they say desperate times call for desperate measures…so if you shoot models and are getting a bit antsy, why not try it, if nothing else we had a good catch up just in time for Jess’ birthday.

~ Julz