Monday Musings…

Almost one-week post-op! I am pretty sure last week I was saying I wasn’t sure when my surgery would happen. But last Monday evening I got a call from the surgeon’s rooms saying I was on the table the next day. Talk about a bit of a panic, trying to sort everything out. I had a few days, mostly due to the nerve-block they put in my shoulder, it numbed my face and neck and chest, like trying to breathe with a boulder on your chest. Couldn’t eat properly…the price you pay for limited pain I guess.

I still find it a little uncomfortable to sleep at night, the sling which is my new nemesis is trying to strangle me lol. But I believe it was a success the 21mm tear in my shoulder has been repaired. I see the surgeon again next week. When you think about it, it’s kind of amazing what they can do these days and with keyhole surgery!

Apart from all that I don’t have much to report, just healing and recovering, watching lots of movies and sleeping. Can’t seem to pick up a book, having trouble concentrating. Today I start physio, although I have been doing exercises since Thursday. I have got my armchair travels happening again this week.

Stay Safe and well…

~ Julz,

PS I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday.