Monday Musings…

I have been a bit quiet, things have been a bit hectic. Tomorrow I am 14 days post-op from my shoulder surgery. It is so far going OK. I am not in much pain, in fact, the pain killers are still sitting on the kitchen bench, don’t need them. I have a bit of trouble getting comfortable in bed, but am almost sleeping through the night…almost. I ended up moving into the spare room so hubby and the animals don’t knock me by mistake. I have my own bed, my own TV and DVD player and Netflix, all set so I don’t wake everyone when I can’t sleep.

I found out I won 2nd place overall and 1st in the photography section of the Light Space and Time Created in Isolation Art Competition…pretty cool.

Remnants of Time
Remnants in Time

Honestly, there isn’t much else to report. Isolation restrictions are slightly easing here, I went to visit Dad in Hospital and then to see Mum. Dad is only allowed one visitor per day, but I have not seen either of them in months, so it was good. Needed to sort out paperwork and stuff, Dad is not doing too good.

Well, I will continue on my armchair travels, this week our Outback Adventure from 2017…enjoy.

~ Julz, xo