Monday Musings…

Three weeks post-op tomorrow, almost hard to believe. I am in no real pain, a few twinges are all. I think the nerves are healing and giving me a few messages to let me know they’re there! Such a busy week last week, still working from home, but meetings, classes and lessons, honestly where would we be without Zoom?

I’d never even heard of Zoom before Covid19 and now I use it ALL the time. Catching up with friends, Zoom. Group Classes, Zoom. Private one on one classes, Zoom. Conference calls with Editor, Zoom. It’s wonderful. Let’s face it as long as we have the internet, there is no need to feel so lonely. I get it there are people still in isolation on their own, no human contact at all and that must be hard. But you can still connect and chat and work and share, learn and grow.

I had a new class go live yesterday, The Country Collection. Six projects you can work on, with loads of videos and inspiration. I have a brand new Lightroom class coming very shortly and I am even working on a new Photoshop online class as well. Busy, Busy, Busy. I can’t say I hate being at home. I don’t have to drive anywhere. I can even sleep in a little somedays and I can get so much work done.

Yesterday, I did a little mini photo shoot, I shot on my mobile phone and even edited from there too.

I have been watching some Netflix at night, my current ‘tipple’ of choice is Ann with an E an updated version of Anne of Green Gables. I have been really enjoying it. No blood, no guts, no real violence, mostly upbeat and a little bit of old-world country charm. What have you been watching?

We have also watch Westworld, Good Doctor, and so many more I struggle to remember. I am watching a lot more TV since shoulder surgery.

Not much else to report I guess, just work, physio, work and more physio, play with the dogs and sit on Zoom. I do hope you have a lovely week.

~ Julz, xo