Share your world – 26th May 2020

I have spent a week working studiously behind the scenes on bits and pieces, new classes, new blogs, new shoots to be planned. Visiting with family and friends and helping hubby potter in the garden (I still can’t do a lot, but I can make coffee and sandwiches and stuff). I have been trying to stay away from social media, it’s depressing watching it all the time, I don’t think I am alone. I sat in the garden with a coffee in the sunshine, it’s weak and not very warm, but it’s still sun…something we have had very little of lately. I have been watching Anne with an E on Netflix, a remake of Anne of Green Gables, so wonderful and uplifting. Just what the soul needs.

And now…Share your world


In your opinion, does patriotism require the belief that one’s country is the greatest on earth? No! Sheer blind faith is probably more damaging than anything. You can be a patriot to your country while still being unimpressed by its leaders, or military or anything else for that matter. Patriotism is a proud heritage of your history and accomplishments in the face of adversity. I know I live in a relatively young country, with a short and brutal history. But as a nation, we have a resilience that is something to be reckoned with. Even if we do have our share of idiots.

Why is patriotism considered by some to be the highest of virtues? What is so important about love of country? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about humankind, or the planet as a whole, rather than a single country? I do believe love of fellow man is probably a better virtue, especially when blind faith comes into. If you are considered virtuous because you truly believe you country far surpasses any other, I believe that’s dangerous ground. That’s how wars start.

What is the relationship between decisions and consequences? Decisions should only be made if you can live with the consequences. There is no point crying foul if your actions and decisions have grave consequences. Stupidity or ignorance shouldn’t be used as a defence.  Some decisions and consequences are small, while others are life-changing and far-reaching. True one cannot always see the consequences far out in the future, but I believe if you caused it, you should be responsible for it. ie Drink drivers get behind the wheel (again) and kill or injure someone, they cannot use the defence they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs…they chose to take them, not the victim.

What is social justice? Mmmm that’s a tricky one, but essentially it is when the public gets to set justice for a crime. This is not always a good thing, but sometimes it is. We once had a member in a social online group who was doing the wrong thing, we all agreed to boot him from the group and ban him from rejoining, for the good of the group. That is a good thing. Vigilantes who go out and hunt down criminals are often on a slippery slope. Like I said it’s a hard one.

and one ‘easy’ one because those others?  Fairly difficult. What’s one body part you wouldn’t mind losing? After having major shoulder surgery three weeks ago, I can tell you it’s NOT my shoulder! I still think I could live with losing a leg. I have two bad knees, ankles AND hips, getting around is harder and harder, but I can still manage, three weeks with no shoulder, man THAT was hard.


I am grateful that the end is in sight. My shoulder is healing, I picked up my camera for the first time since before the operation, true for only a few minutes, but it felt good. I can see model shoots in my near future. We can go out for drives and see the glorious Autumn colour (or what’s left of it). We can soon have weekends away, we can visit friends and family. It won’t be long and restaurants will reopen and I can perhaps go see and hug my daughter who lives interstate. Hopefully, we will see the end of this horrible virus, COVID19…I just hope and pray we don’t have a relapse and go through all this again.

LRM_Split Tone Heart

Stay safe and well…

~ Julz