King’s Canyon, NT – Outback Australia – Re-Post

We venture further out into the Australia Outback to visit Kings Canyon, we walk a dry creek bed surrounded by 100m sheer cliff walls.

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The Red Centre – Re-Post

After weeks of planning we finally land in the Red Centre of Australia, join me for Day 1

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Visiting Uluru (Ayers Rock) – Re- Post

We visit Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Red Heart of the Australian Desert Outback.

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And now for something completely different…

The world is a little strange hey? Even though I have been pottering in the garden, in the studio and working with still life, flowers, food and such I really do miss my portrait sessions, and so does Jess. SO when I saw a Youtube video for a portrait shoot via Facebook Messenger, I thought…

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Monday Musings…

Almost one-week post-op! I am pretty sure last week I was saying I wasn’t sure when my surgery would happen. But last Monday evening I got a call from the surgeon’s rooms saying I was on the table the next day. Talk about a bit of a panic, trying to sort everything out. I had…

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Is it time to delve into those holiday photos? — Photofocus

Have you suddenly found yourself with some spare time on your hands? Looking for the silver lining, perhaps think of this as enforced creative project time. A kind of self-imposed vacation from the rest of the world (borrowed that from a friend, it sounded so good). But what should you do with yourself? Have you…

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TeAnau – Melbourne – Day 14 – Re-Post

At the end of this post I said I wanted to come back and I did, I just had to wait four years. And that time we Visited the North Island only, three fabulous weeks exploring. I am still to visit the South again, but it will have to wait.  I hope you have enjoyed…

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TeAnau – Milford Sound – Day 13 – Re Post

We had so many highlights to this trip, it really is hard to say which was the best, but Milford Sound and getting there had to be ranked in amongst it! It was very cold again last night, with more fresh snow on the Alps, there was a truly beautiful, amazing sunrise turning them soft…

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Share Your World – 7th May 2020

Well, my world suddenly got turned topsy turvy Monday evening, I got the call about 6pm, “can you be at the hospital tomorrow for surgery?”. Talk about a mad panic to get organised. It’s now Thursday, and I am home and doing OK. The first two nights were bad, real bad…but I guess it can only…

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