Monday’s Musings…

Do you know how often I sit and stare at the screen and have no idea what to write? I am sure I am not alone, does this happen to you too? It’s been a good week, but not really much to talk about.

  • I did get out with the camera for a few mini studio sessions.
  • I am no longer sleeping in the spare room
  • I drove the car (briefly) today – no long road trips on my agenda for a bit, but knowing I can now pop down to the shops if I need to.

I must admit even with the whole shoulder thing I have been feeling pretty good…but (there is always a but right?) tomorrow, after a month off, I go back to my ‘other job’ can’t say I am looking forward to it. Not at all. I honestly think its make it or break it time. I know, I know I’ve proabaly said that over the years, but if things don’t change I am just going to walk. I am sick of wasting my time doing nothing when I can be somewhere else being so much more productive. Time to put the tenders out and pick up some more contract work again. My own business has been doing OK throughout Covid19, not brilliant, but OK which is something to be grateful for in this day and age. But the whole prospect of going back to ‘work’ even part-time, has me feeling anxious again.

I spent several months earlier in the year dealing with anxiety, too much happening in my life and I felt I had no control over it. I just wanted to hide in my little corner of the world and not deal with anything apart from by photography business. That brings me joy, other stuff doesn’t. But then like so many others Covid19 happened and pulled the rug out from under us. Now I really had no control, but it’s kind of weird I treated it like a holiday from the world, not so much self-isolation. It comes and goes in waves. Do you feel it that way too? One day OK the next ‘blah’ or ‘meh’?

Speaking of Covid19, restrictions are slowly starting to ease a bit here, Hubby went out shooting sunset the other night, I stayed home as I am not quite ready for carrying all the camera gear as yet! But it’s nice to know we can if we want. As of today we can even go on small trips and stay overnight, so that might be in the plans in the coming weeks. I am also looking to run a few smalls studio sessions in a couple of weeks and then maybe next month (if allowed) a few small workshops. Hopefully, by the end of the year almost back to normal.

I am thinking that 2020 is a pretty crappy year and I am hoping 2021 will be a fresh restart…still there is the hope and promise of things looking up now.

How are you faring? I’d love to know…

~ Julz, xo

A friend brought me these beautiful roses on the weekend